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Wild Bush Flowers Black Aboriginal Fabric designed by Layla Campbell


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Wild Bush Flowers Black Aboriginal Fabric designed by Layla Campbell manufactured by M&S Textiles 100% cotton 44/45 inches wide Manufactured By: M&S Textiles Wild Bush Flowers Black by Layla Campbell. This fabric is full of wonderful hues and dynamic, organic shapes. It makes this multi-colored Aboriginal designed fabric ideal for quilting, home decor and wearable art. M&S Textiles Australia was established to promote Aboriginal designs to the quilting community. The company pays each Aborigine artist a fair market wage and licenses these original indigenous art designs, guaranteeing authenticity. Layla comes from Yuendumu, Northern Territory, and belongs to the Warlpiri language group. She is an accomplished indigenous artist whose paintings have been acquired by many private collectors. Her paintings are about traditional Aboriginal stories and symbols. Her Dreaming is ‘Wild Bush Flowers’ which she inherited from the ancestors however she has skillfully developed her individual style of painting in to the canvas. This artwork depicts bush seeds, wild flowers and pods gathered by the Aboriginal women in Ventral Australia. Bush seeds and pods are the staple bush tucker and they are also collected for countless other purposes, such as traditional bush medicine.